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How to Weather the Storm This Summer

The annual rainy season is upon us and along with it the threat of hailstorms, flooding and high winds.

Every year, Johannesburg plumbers are inundated with calls about blocked drains or clogged gutters which cause flooding, broken pipes and costly water damage to homes across South Africa.

Are you prepared for the storms ahead? Here are some summer plumbing tips that could help you save a lot of money and avoid plumbing problems during periods of heavy rainfall while maintaining the integrity of your plumbing and drainage system throughout the year.


Inspect and clear drains & gutters

In the colder months, the build-up of leaves and debris in your gutters and drains is an inevitable problem which could ultimately affect the drainage of your home when the rains start to settle in, resulting in water leaking inside and around your home. By getting your gutters cleared or your drains checked for blockages on a regular basis, you could be saving yourself a lot of time, stress and money.


Check for leaky taps

Heavy rain isn’t the only cause of water damage. A dripping tap can waste between 30 to 60 litres of water every day. If you suspect a leaky faucet or pipe in your home, leak detection services could help you identify the source of the leak and fix it before it causes damage and runs up your water bill.


Set your geyser

Along with summer rains comes a rise in temperature. If you set your geyser higher for winter, remember to set it lower again before the heat kicks in, otherwise, you could end up with a burst geyser.


While prevention is key to avoiding plumbing nightmares – you never know when a plumbing emergency could strike your home. Make sure you have Spring Forest Plumbing’s professional 24-hour plumber contact number on hand to provide affordable assistance when you need it most.


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